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Opinion: Good things come…

For anyone who has lived in Niagara West for 20 years or so, it is not a shock to be told this area got precious little in terms of support from the provincial government back during the McGuinty/Wynne regimes.

There was no love lost between the Liberal leaders and Niagara West’s representative and PC leader for part of that run, Tim Hudak. Simply, they were not going to do Hudak any favours.

In fact, just the opposite proved the case as Niagara West was consistently passed over for major projects. The Liberals bailed on the 1/3-1/3-1/3 funding program planned for the Fleming Centre. To MP Dean Allison’s credit, he saw that coming and had the feds set to deliver on the project no matter what.

Now, with a change of political stripe as premier, the hospital is about to happen and a full overhaul at the Peach King Centre is about to go down.

It has been feast or famine. Feasts are better. M.W.

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