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Museum admission change to improve accessibility

By Joshua Shkopiak
For NewsNow
Grimsby Museum has recently made some big changes to their business model, switching to a voluntary donation format for entry admission.
“We wanted to make it more accessible and eliminate barriers,” said Janet Oakes, manager and curator at the museum.
Last summer, an online survey was taken to see if museum-goers would be for or against this change, with a resounding majority voting yes. Other regional facilities such as the Grimsby Art gallery also follow this model, and it only made sense for the museum to adapt it themselves.
In regards to how people have reacted to the voluntary fee, Oakes notes, “People have been surprised about the change, but are glad it happened.”
The Grimsby Museum currently has two exhibits open, which include the ‘Unmasking Influenza Exhibition, and the Grimsby Spirit Expedition’.
The Influenza exhibit examines the lasting impact of the Spanish Flu pandemic in Canada from 1918 to 1919, while the Spirit Expedition showcases the community and identity that Grimsby has developed through photographs, trophies, parades and events.
The exhibits will run until spring, followed by three new exhibits for the summer.
Voluntary admission is in effect. As the weather turns to spring, and now that many COVID measures are being lifted, the museum is hoping for more guests to visit as people begin to step outside and learn more about their community.

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