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Opinion: Time is now for West Lincoln

It was noted on this page last year when it was learned West Lincoln would be getting into a major planning study for future residential development in Smithville that they should plan now to preserve green space within that urban core.

Once it is gone, it’s gone and township officials have an opportunity to set a great foundation after seeing what lack of preparedness has done with Stoney Creek and Grimsby.

Lincoln is caught on the fence but the wave of development is at its shores right now and the next five years will tell a lot there. West Lincoln is seeing a great deal of building right now, but that’s nothing compared to what it will be in 10-15 years when Grimsby and Lincoln are built out.

Opinion on this page went so far as suggest West Lincoln plan an area for high-rise – WITH proper parking allotted, which seems ridiculous now, but in 50 years having more greenspace because density went up instead of out would be appreciated in the community at that time. It is hard to think that far ahead, but the time is now for West Lincoln. M.W.

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