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Opinion: Economy needs attention now

It is only fitting in an edition in which we give a very classy former MP Shirley Martin a send off and have coverage of Canada’s federal election to review the not-so-surprising status of our national political scene.

Simply, it was much ado about nothing.

The country is right back where it started.

I must agree with MP Dean Allison who noted Prime Minister Trudeau trumpeting Monday he had a new mandate is hogwash. A majority, even by one seat, is a mandate. A lukewarm minority government – with no discernible change in the political landscape AND the Conservatives taking the popular vote is not a mandate on any level.

The main concern on Parliament Hill needs to be the economy right from the jump. Yes there are other matters, certainly COVID and the environment to name two, but if proper attention is not paid to getting the economy moving and people back to work – yes, end CERB or least alter the qualifying guidelines so only those who need it still get it – we will have nothing left of an economy to worry about. M.W.

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