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(EDITOR’S NOTE: All Niagara West federal election candidates declared as of Wednesday, Sept. 8 were asked to submit up to 650 word commentaries offering NewsNow readers an outline on why they deserve your vote. All received are printed as submitted, in their entirety.)



Canadians now realize that Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have put this country and Canadians, into a downward spiral, both through their mismanagement of the pandemic, our economy and our position on the world stage.

We see Trudeau’s desperation in his campaign, and see his angry and condescending attitude firsthand. Canadians are tired of the corruption, arrogance, entitlement, and mismanagement of the economy by Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government.

He called a needless election in the middle of the fourth wave of the pandemic. He did this, when just a few months prior, he promised not to call an election while the pandemic was still happening. He ignored the crisis in Afghanistan and sent Canadians to the polls simply because he saw favourable polling and he wanted a majority.

And now directly because of his disdain for Canadians, the country has become more divided than ever. If anyone disagrees with Trudeau’s opinions and ideology, he labels you as unCanadian or worse, and tries to discredit everything about you. And now, his candidates are trying to do the same across the country.

Trudeau has disrespected Parliament and Canada’s parliamentary traditions on numerous occasions. He broke conflict of Interest laws by interfering in the SNC-Lavalin corruption trial. He had Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott kicked out from the Liberal caucus for not agreeing to go along with the corruption. Another female MP, Celina Caesar-Chavannes, was also tossed because she spoke out and tell the truth about Justin Trudeau. But didn’t he say he was a feminist? Let’s face it, no one believes that anymore. The most recent arrogance of Trudeau saw him take Parliament to court to try to stop information from being released on another of his coverups.

The Liberals have shamefully managed to politicize vaccines and the pandemic for their own personal gain. Trudeau and his candidates have made attempts to demonize and vilify their opponents. They’ve pitted people and groups against each other. In short, they’re playing their usual divisive politics. I know because they have tried to do it to me.

On the economy, Trudeau has racked up more federal debt than all other Canadian Prime Ministers combined. So much for the “budget balancing itself”. We find ourselves in a housing crisis that has been escalating while the Liberals did nothing to stop it. We have a mental health crisis and an affordability crisis, and again, the Liberals have no plan.

Our Conservative plan – Canada’s Recovery Plan – is the way forward. With our plan, we will focus on securing the future for all Canadians.

We will strengthen our economy and we will recover the 1 million jobs lost during the pandemic within one year.

We’ll strengthen our health care system by boosting health transfers by more than $60 Billion over the next 10 years. We’ll make it clear that mental health is health, and treat it properly so that millions of Canadians will receive mental health treatment every year.

We’ll enact a new Anti-Corruption law to clean up the Liberal mess in Ottawa.

We’ll get inflation under control, including the housing crisis, by banning foreign investors from buying homes here if they are not planning to live in them.

We’ll create a strategic stockpile of essential products like PPE and build the capacity to manufacture vaccines at home.

We’ll implement a real environmental plan that will reach targets and show that Canada is a leader in battling climate change.

We will connect rural areas, like Niagara West, to high-speed Internet by 2025, and make it affordable for everyone.

We’ll change the law so that when a company goes bankrupt or restructured, workers and their pensions come first – not corporate elites.

And we’ll balance the budget over the next decade.

I truly believe that with a Conservative government in Ottawa and Canada’s Recovery Plan, we can rebuild our country and Secure our Future.



Niagara West deserves local leadership. We are a Riding that, for too long, has not had a voice in Ottawa that speaks for our values.

As a lawyer and former Intelligence officer, I ask for your vote so I can turn my experience and commitment for service to representing you and your families in the House of Commons.

Despite the many new voices that join our Riding everyday, some still view Niagara West as a “Conservative” stronghold. This is not the case. In the 2019 Federal Election, 17,429 votes went to the Liberal Party, 6,540 to the NDP, and 3,620 to the Green Party, for a total of 27,589. By contrast, the Conservative Party received 24,447.

What does this mean? It means that there are more people in Niagara West – and more coming everyday – who prioritize Progressive Values such as Climate Action and Inclusivity.

That is why, in this election, I ask you to unite with me, and bring a needed change to Niagara West. This is because I don’t stand for “Party Colors”; I stand for values. I stand for determined and unwavering climate action, human rights for every individual, affordability for those in every stage of life, care for our Seniors and for our youngest through affordable Day Care.

I know that our communities in Niagara West, regardless of political affiliation, stand for these values too. I will make sure you are all represented and heard in Parliament, and that policies are created with your values at their heart.

The pandemic was a global catastrophe. As we put it in our rear-view mirror, our society has changed, and we must next tackle the climate crisis while ensuring top-tier health care, and assistance for those who need it. I am ready for that future. I am ready to be your voice. I ask for your vote, and the privilege of fighting for you and your family in Ottawa on 20 September.



A couple of years ago I happened to meet a person in Grimsby who was running her own business out of her home. She had designed a product that she then marketed online and through trade shows, and was doing quite well for herself. What she had built was impressive to the point that I mentioned it to a member of the Grimsby Economic Development Advisory Committee (GEDAC) saying we needed to support people like her more actively.

I ran into her again a few days ago while campaigning, but the look was different. The business had taken a hit, bills were piling up and CERB was going to run out in a month or so. Her major source of sales was trade shows, and they kept on getting cancelled.

After hearing about the lives taken, nothing quite hammered home what was at stake than the look on this person’s face.

This person to me doesn’t just represent what we are trying to save as we try to get through the pandemic. The path through the pandemic is to support people like her, who, through no fault of their own, have lost their livelihoods and need help weathering this storm.

This person also represents a chance of what we could be in the future; daring, entrepreneurial, innovative.

Canada needs to retool and rebuild. We have witnessed one of the biggest migrations in Canadian history as hundreds of thousands of Canadians have uprooted themselves in search of their dream homes and lives. Many of them have come to Niagara. But their success will require more than good will.

It will require access to broadband internet, regional transit, local jobs and affordable housing.

Retooling and rebuilding Canada means  providing educational and training opportunities to meet the demands of the global and digital economy. It will mean focusing on the green economy, bringing in clean technology, zero-emission vehicle manufacturing, smart grid technology and renewables. It will mean sustainable food practices and climate change support.

For those who dare to strike out on their own (like the lady that I met), affordable childcare and pharmacare may be the difference between success and failure. These are all the things that the NDP commits to.

Pre pandemic Canada was one that survived despite the government, not because of it. We have to be better in the years to come. Dare to dream of a better future and the NDP will see how we can build that together.

I’m asking you to vote for me, Nameer Rahman, because the status quo has not worked with either the conservatives or the liberals. We need change and only a vote for the NDP can bring it about.



Shaunalee Derkson is thrilled to be selected as candidate for the Niagara West Riding in the upcoming Federal Election and to support her community in the People’s Party of Canada.

Now more then ever we must come together as Canadian’s, stand up against censorship, government overreach, and defend our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Shaunalee is a Property Manager in the Niagara Falls, St. Catharines and Beamsville area, works closely with Niagara Regional Housing and thrives on a challenge.

She has decided to run as candidate because of her concern for the direction the Country is taking. She believes that protecting our rights and freedoms, showing fairness and respect, along with fiscal responsibility is paramount to safeguarding future generations.

Shaunalee looks forward to supporting her community and being part of the People’s Party of Canada for years to come.




I would just like to quickly introduce myself as a family man who is thankful to be a citizen of this  country which was based on Christian principles which made it true and free. That is not where it has been going lately. My life experience as a partner in a trucking business for the last 26 as will as serving in my church as a leader in different capacities with the experience as a town councillor has given me what is needed to represent Niagara West in Ottawa.

Canada is facing a election again after only 2 years that could not have been called at worst time. We are all confused and concerned with what is happening with Covid restrictions and how freedoms are being taken away. Too many other concerns are being ignored what has harms other aspects of society’s health. The Covid 19 respond by this world needs to be invested properly.

Canada’s history has not been perfect but we need to strive for that and move forward in a positive way for all Canadians including the unborn and the elderly. The CHP is the only party that is against forced medical treatment, and will stand up for the unborn and for the elderly.

All the other parties are only interested in your vote and continue to ignore the moral issues that are harming so many of our citizens.

They are using your hard earned money to buy your vote and then only use it to further their agendas. They are continuing to borrow at an alarming rate against you, your children and grandchildren’s future and as your representative in Ottawa l would work hard to stop this.

Our debt is not something that we can ignore and add to, but needs to be paid down. The Liberals, NDP, and even the Conservative have all added to our debt and they don’t want to stop borrowing but the CHP in its platform will pay down the national debt and introduce mandatory balanced budgets

Climate is a very confusing topic and it will only get worse if we don’t look at the science and data in its proper context. The CHP is committed to protecting our air, water, and soil from man-made pollutants. The carbon tax should be removed as the theory that CO2 induces climate change is completely unproven. This year BC has had to deal with devastating forest fires and still the Liberals called an unnecessary election. The climate alarmists are claiming that the forest fires are because of climate change yet data clearly shows that forest fires are in a decline and that they are started by mostly human carelessness. The environmentalists and media who are using false science need to give us things in proper context! We as society need to continue to use our resources wisely and work towards a cleaner, greener world. CHP will protect our environment and businesses from unfair restrictions that other countries are ignoring.

Freedom of religion which is part of our rights and charter is under attack by a few and instead of protecting our constitution the main parties are attacking it themselves by trying to introduce bills that appease only a small percentage of people and ignore many. Bills were introduced that were trying to force doctors, nurses and parents to do things against their religion and conscience and no party was willing to take a stand. The CHP will work to insure all Canadians are treated fairly and with respect and that freedom of religion is upheld.

Healthy people, healthy families and healthy businesses are the back bone of a good strong, and just country and the CHP have the policies to do this. This country needs true leadership that will put everyone’s best interest to heart and the CHP will so vote Harold Jonker CHP.



Dear Niagara West,

If you’re reading this, I know you love this community like I do. Maybe you’ve always been here, maybe you’ve just arrived, either way, you’re home. The unique beauty of Niagara has been attracting families for generations. My own family came here as refugees from the Hungarian Revolution in 1957 and set up shop doing what they knew best: farming fruit and raising poultry. They came to Niagara in search of a safe home for their children, a prosperous market for their skills, and a healthy environment for their future.

Over 60 years later, families still come to Niagara looking for a place to live, work and play, joining those of us who remain from generations before. I am Joanna Kocsis and I am running for the Green Party of Canada to ensure that Niagara stays a place in which working families from all walks of life can make their homes and their careers.

Niagara West is at a crossroads; the rapid growth of housing developments and steep rise in housing prices, the precarious state of the local economy in the post-pandemic recovery period, and the unnecessary deterioration of our natural environment all put the community we love at risk, for us and for future generations. While Niagara West has been a low priority for the Liberal and Conservative governments, with little investment and care directed at our communities, the Green Party’s policies are made for people like us.

Safe and affordable housing is a right, not a privilege and Niagara West should remain an affordable community for present and future families. A Green government will declare housing affordability a national emergency, strengthen regulation to limit foreign investment, end predatory practices in residential real estate and create new deeply affordable non-market co-op and non-profit housing units.
Residents of Niagara West want careers that value their skills and encourage their creativity, not precarious jobs that don’t cover their bills. The Green Party recognizes that small businesses were severely impacted by pandemic restrictions and will address closures, debt burdens and job losses by holding the small business tax rate under 9%, and reducing the bureaucratic burden of small businesses.

We will provide affordable internet to rural areas and support viable local green innovation and start-ups with a $1 billion Green Venture Capital Fund. We will also provide support to farmers through climate mitigation, investment in local markets, and addressing interprovincial trade barriers that hinder regional food systems and value chains.

Most importantly, those of us who love Niagara West want to be able to share its splendour with generations to come. That means facing the reality of climate change and doing something about it, NOW. The transition to a global economy without fossil fuels is coming, the only question is: how well have the Liberals and Conservatives prepared us for it? Ignoring this reality will not make it go away, it will only leave Canada and Niagara behind in terms of market share for developing and producing the technologies we will need to succeed in this new economy.

The Green Party’s plan will get Canada to net zero emissions quickly through enforceable targets starting in 2023, ending fossil fuel extraction by 2035, and developing a nation-wide renewable energy grid. It leads us into the green economy with an honest and realistic understanding of the climate emergency we are facing and will ensure a just transition for workers and their families, replacing every high-paying job in the fossil fuel sector with one in the green economy. Climate action IS job creation and Niagara West cannot afford to miss out!

My work in the Urban Planning department at the University of Toronto, and my 25 years of community activism in our community have given me the knowledge, skills and experience needed to lead Niagara West into the future. The future is bright. The future is Green! I appreciate your vote.

Cast your VOTE!
Monday, Sept. 20
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