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Opinion: Wanted: political teamwork

Issues…what are the issues and what are you going to do about them?

Those should be the only questions political candidates of all stripes and levels should be worried about.

The social media misinformation game is best left to those below the 49th parallel.

It is recognized this is not an easy thing to do and, yes, negative campaign ads get more attention but they also create backlash and baggage.

What the country needs is a leader to provide an unwavering rudder right now, not a finger pointing, Teflon candidate who cannot admit weakness or error. Again, that is for all federal leaders. None of them have all the answers and no matter how much money they throw at problems those roots issues will not dissolve into a mist.

There is heavy lifting which needs to be done. Ideally, political parties would band together to get us through this muck and avoid self-serving interests. That has not happened to date, but it is what the country needs. M.W.

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