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Opinion: Council accountability needed: writer

Dear Editor,

I am a new resident of Grimsby now since mid-May. I have been reading about the Town Council “Children’s Council” since arriving and, today, I have come to the point where I need to vent.

I am appalled by the childish antics of these so called town councillors. Who voted these crack pots in. They may have been effective at one time but I am sure many have outlived their usefulness and need to be replaced. This set of ladies and gentlemen seem to be focusing their attention on their own private agendas and act worse then most three-year-olds I know.

If they don’t want portable signs questioning their acts, maybe we should apply for a license to gather (with appropriate COVID restrictions) to protest these acts of childish, self-motivated behaviour. I am ashamed and disgusted by what I have read. Every one of them need to be held totally accountable for every action. Clean house and start fresh is what I say with fresh faces who want to improve the wonderful little town.

Dee Vollick

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