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Wayne Fertich, Grimsby, Regional Councillor

Wayne Fertich

There are some major concerns that affect the quality of life in our community that I am concerned about.

• We must be accountable to the residents of Grimsby and as your representative I will make every effort to provide Transparency, Honesty and Integrity.

• The Environmental Assessments about the Livingston Avenue extension that the Region has been working on for at least four years, should not be allowed to go through the Woodlot. We must protect any Greenbelt and Green Space that there is today for our grand children.

• The traffic congestion in the Downtown (regional road) must be addressed. We must also keep the downtown in a high standard* Our regional roads are in very bad shape. Main Street East and West must be redone. I will work with Grimsby Council to speed up the Diamond interchanges to make them more safer.

• The North/South escarpment access must also be addressed. Where is the report from the region that was to suggest the best access? Was it Bartlett Avenue, Grimsby, Victoria Avenue, Vineland, Tufford Road, Beamsville, or Mountain Road in Grimsby!

• I will make every effort to bring back what was then called the “Mid-Peninsula Corridor Highway” that was suggested to help with truck traffic going to the GTA. We don’t want a fourth lane on the QEW as it will only provide a band-aide to the real problem.

•I will support Go Transit as we supported (while on the Regional TSSC) the Go-Bus Station at Casablanca / South Service Road. Also during my tenure we established a need for “Specialized Transit” for those individuals in need of transportation for medical reasons.

• As an Accountant, Office Manager and Comptroller, I have been closely involved with making financial decisions and planning for fiscal and operational successes. Also as a local business owner I was very successful in the Restaurant business. I will definitely use my skills to take the appropriate creative steps to stop property tax increases. I will maintain and improve regional services like our weekly garbage pick-up. The Region receives approximately 53% of our taxes and I will strengthen our position at the table to receive more money to improve our town.

• Because of my previous experience on Grimsby Council I have always had a good relationship with staff to solve many issues that come to the table. I was the Chair of Finance, Public Works so. We must help the Region to be more efficient in doing their job. I also was on the Twinning of the Arena at the Peach King Centre, on the building board for the Library/Art Gallery and the Niagara Gateway. I believe to be involved to complete projects and make a difference for the betterment of the community.

*****On October 22 VOTE WAYNE FERTICH “For Someone who Cares”


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