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Terry Bell, West Lincoln, Regional Councillor

Terry Bell

Is the Niagara Region working for you?

On October 22, West Lincoln will elect a Regional Councillor for the first time.

When elected I promise you that I will give you and your family the voice West Lincoln has deserved for some time.

We need a strong leader to represent our community at the Niagara Region.

In West Lincoln we have a multi-faceted community. And you deserve to be represented by someone who understands us. We have families from a wide variety of age groups, businesses in a wide variety of fields.

But together we are all one community. And by listening to the people I represent, I have worked hard to find solutions that work for all of us.

I’ve been proud to serve on West Lincoln Council. With my experience on council, and as Chair of the Finance Committee, I understand the issues that impact our community.

I will be your advocate at the Niagara Region for keeping property taxes as low as we can.

That also means that we need to make sure your money is not wasted. Regional Council must be more open and transparent. I will work hard to ensure that the Region is getting value for money.

West Lincoln deserves a voice at the table who will make sure your tax dollars are invested responsibly – and in the things that matter to our community.

That means we need to invest in making sure West Lincoln has the services you need to raise your family.

We need to increase access to long-term care facilities and retirement housing for seniors.

We need improved access to Regional services, including police, fire, and emergency medical services.

We need to invest in roads and infrastructure.

We need to make sure we have the right environment for agriculture and attracting businesses.

We need to hold the line on property taxes and eliminate red tape to make West Lincoln an attractive place for starting a business and starting a family.

When elected as your Regional Councillor, I will work hard to keep taxes low for you and your family. I will be a strong voice for West Lincoln.

Together, we can bring positive change to the Region.

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