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Steve Berry, Mayor, Grimsby

Steve Berry

Thank you to the residents who have supported me since first elected 18 years ago. My family moved here in 1992 and we would not want to be anyone else –


With the encouragement of family, friends and sitting council members I have decided to put my name forward for the role of Mayor. My education, work experience and my years on town issues has allowed me to gain the skills and knowledge to know that I can and will do a good job as your mayor.

Grimsby is in excellent financial shape and our facilities, roads and infrastructure is well prepared for the future. Our long term planning is reviewed on a regular basis and our staff is the best in the area.

Council will continue to work together to ensure we maintain the way of life we all want and why we live here. By working with other levels of government, businesses and our citizens we will continue to develop ‘Made in Grimsby’ solutions. To accomplish this your participation is required.

Part of my duties will be to sit on council at the Region of Niagara. I ensure you that (working with our Regional Councilor) Grimsby’s voice will be heard at the region.

If we have not met please ask someone who has worked with me or has asked for my assistance because I am convinced that they will offer their endorsement of my candidacy.

Many decisions that affect your community will be made at town hall and the Region of Niagara and I feel that based on my experience and demonstrated leadership I am the right person for the role.


What are people saying about Steve ?

Mayor Bentley

Your commitment and guidance to our community is exemplary and you will make an exceptional Mayor.

Alderman Wilson

very capable and can make the HARD decisions needed to be made as a Mayor.

Alderman Seaborn

He asks import questions for clarity and is committed to getting answers for his constituents.

Alderman Johnson

Issues come up and we have different opinions but he listens. This is is one of Steve’s strong points. He listens and takes your issues to heart and gets answers.

Alderman Dunstall

I support Steve Berry’s bid for mayor in the upcoming election.

Alderman Mullins

Steve Berry is passionate about this Town and is viewed as a leader amongst his peers. He understands the complexities in running the Town and will ensure decisions made today will benefit the Town today and in the future.

Alderman DiFlavio

Having chaired both the Public Works and Administration and Finance committees, Steve has the proven leadership to guide Grimsby into the future.

Regional Councilor Quirk

While we don’t agree on every issue but I know he always has the best interests of Grimsby in mind when he makes his decisions.

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