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Ryan Day, Grimsby, Ward 3

Ryan Day, Grimsby, Ward 3

The Town of Grimsby being a Vibrant and Sustainable community with hopes and plans on seeing it continue that way. However i do believe we have a few things to work on, and a few things we can add, change or make better working all together.

As i have already indicated on issues brought forth by community members and my self before in the short questions and answers, such as planning, residential development, transportation, bio-digester and the co-generator.  I believe these are some key items to be retrieved and develop a long term plan or short term for the best interest of our town.

I also see some great things i would support and believe we could improve on.  The Parks and Recreation vision is something that looks great, and the direction the town would like to go. I also like to see in addition some more splash pads  in and around more of our community and more streetscaping.  

The Town’s Economic development has a big part with our future.   Attracting business’ to be stakeholders within the community.  

Roads, Traffic and safety are very key to our community safety and momentum and growing forward.   New measures in place to make our roads safer for motorist, cyclists and pedestrians will be a great addition.  Continue bringing integrated network of bike lanes with in our community connecting to our neighbouring Municipalities.  New intelligent traffic light systems where needed in high traffic areas at specific times would be an added benefit.  Working with our Senior Population and Agricultural Sector are items that should never be missed. Along with many matters of interest. 

Larger scale projects that have been in talks are something else to look at.  The idea of a new escarpment crossings, The Hospital and the Livingston Extension.  Are items that need assessment.  Along with many ideas that will come forward in the future.  

I come from a younger generation then our current incumbents.  I have large a interest in serving my community and feel a different set of eyes looking in can help with change, and good ideas going forward. Being in my later 30’s and working in Public service for than 15 years i can be a valuable asset for the best interest of the Town of Grimsby.  As a transparent, honest ideal thinking individual i would love the opportunity to serve my community where i so much love to live. Having an opportunity to work in team environment to make our Town Grimsby Better. 

I believe the people of Grimsby have the right to be treated with respect and consideration.  Whatever the request, I pride myself on being a people’s person and I will work, with integrity and to the best of my ability.   If I can’t make it happen, I’ll be honest. I’ll explain why and then we’ll come up with a different plan to reach a compromise that satisfies both you and the Town.

Thank you

Ryan Day

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