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Reg Freake, Grimsby, Ward 1

There’s an old adage which says, “You can watch the parade, follow the parade, join the parade … or lead the parade”. Throughout my personal and professional life, I’ve progressed through each one of those levels. It didn’t take long to figure out that I could only make things better by personal involvement and commitment and by joining the right parade … or leading it. As a resident of a community there’s no point in complaining if you don’t participate, or at a minimum, exercise your right to cast your vote.

Grimsby is our home; where the people are friendly and clean air and natural resources abound; where Grimsby complements the escarpment and the lake; where access to the Niagara Region’s great wineries and restaurants are minutes away. Then all of a sudden, we started to notice big cranes and rumours about plans for high-rise buildings and intensification on the lake and downtown.

I felt compelled to get involved as I certainly didn’t want to stand on the sidelines and watch the parade. So, here I am, running for Alderman of Ward One in Grimsby and I hope whomever reads this article will vote for me. I will represent you and Grimsby to the best of my ability.

I have a proven background in leadership, strategy development, executive management and public communication. I have worked for multinational corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations and community groups. My experience in management have included growth projection, budgeting and consulting with clients and shareholders on ways to improve their future. Solving complex situations, negotiations and teamwork have been integral to my career. Please take the time to browse through my many years of community and business experience, on my website My life’s work has provided me with all the right attributes to become a worthy and committed representative of the residents and the taxpayers of Grimsby.

Although my concerns for Grimsby are numerous, some of my key issues include:

Planning and Development: The haphazard approval of unconventional high-rise buildings and intensification. The quaint town of Grimsby cannot sustain this rapid growth which is already creating traffic congestion, parking problems, privacy infringement and encroachment on our heritage sites and precious greenbelt areas.

Transparency and Governance: The residents of Grimsby have a right to know how their Town is Governed AND how, where & why their tax dollars are being spent. We need full disclosure about Grimsby Power, Grimsby Hydro and the mystery surrounding the bio-digester and the $9 Million sale of Niagara Region Cable Network, to mention a few. Where’s the money?

Bylaw Enforcement: Policing of our Bylaws have been poorly managed such as parking violations, illegal structures, noise pollution, illegal dumping, to name a few. Residents are entitled to the safety, comfort and privacy of their homes and property.

Other issues which are of big concern to the people of Grimsby include the Hospital Corridor Project, Rejuvenation of Downtown, Protection of Natural Resources, Public Transit, Schools & Education and West Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

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