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Paul Wiebe, West Lincoln, Mayor

Paul Wiebe

I, Paul Wiebe, am not one to get involved in politics. However, after listening to public outcry, there are issues that need my attention within West Lincoln. As a mentor once said to me, ‘if I don’t like the change that is happening, I must join the change to create a future that I support.’ We need a new strategy in our municipality. We must take the time to address our spending habits and make cuts that are necessary. The current population of West Lincoln works in the benefit of the municipality, as one-on-one problem solving is attainable. Debate and communication with members of the town create a step closer to fair problem-solving. I propose more transparency in our politics. Individuals shouldn’t have to question particular motives of municipal leaders. Nor, should they have to hear about decisions that affect their livelihood, especially, after they are approved.

The proposal to cut specific spending may appear concerning, however prioritizing is an essential element of creating a well-balanced budget. What areas do we need to prioritize in public spending? Money should be placed to address the current concerns of the community. There has been an outcry for rural road reconstruction. I believe that, with proper planning and readdressing the budget, we can make the road reconstruction a top priority. Another example of an area that has been overlooked by officials is security. Since the housing bomb, we have seen an increase in robberies, break-ins and property destruction. Regionally, the opioid epidemic continues to rise as well, thus resulting in the rise in suicides due to opioid use. Nevertheless, the lack of government concern about an increase in emergency presence and for public safety is alarming. As new families continue to move to the region, the worry of drug users should not be anxiety for parents. Spending towards mental health resources is a crucial part of the prevention of drug-related offenses. Money used to protect the residents of West Lincoln is money well spent.

Most politicians, although well educated, promise an idealist community and create unattainable goals. Due to that, the population has the right to doubt my ability to enforce my promised ideas. However, my past proves otherwise. Most notably my efforts to inform the public of the costs regarding the MURS project. A large number of individuals I had conversations with lacked the understanding of the plans of our municipality, as well as the repercussions of our current spending. I gave the option for citizens to get their viewpoints heard. I took these actions not because I had to, but because the council did a poor job in educating our region on decisions that affect taxes. Clearly, there is a need for change in our government, and I am capable of taking action towards that change. If you, a resident of West Lincoln, believe your opinions and concerns are not being heard I am the person to vote for. Thank you very much for allowing me to represent you.

Paul Wiebe

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