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Mike Rehner, West Lincoln, Ward 1

Mike Rehner

  • In a letter dated April 24, 2017, addressed to Council and read in open public session I outlined my support for a new arena.

  • I was willing at that time to “Phase In” the MURS project to include the building of the arena with the walking track and a splash pad for the children of the community thereby fulfilling the needs for all generations and all seasons as a starting point. Utilizing the Community Fund, along with fundraising, I believed this could have been accomplished with little to no tax increase at that time. This would have freed up money to address the pressing needs of Ward 1, Ward2 and the rural areas of Ward 3. One has to keep in mind when evaluating this project that the MURS project is a Luxury item as compared to bridges and roads which are Necessity items. Just like everything else in life Necessity items should take priority over Luxury items.

  • Due to the massive cost of the MURS project, this severely restricts the money available for Capital Projects during the next 28 years. We have a bridge in Ward 1 (Bridge 34) that is deteriorating to a point of having only one lane available in order to reduce the weight. It may have to close in the near future as it is being monitored by engineers on a monthly basis in order to remain open. We have $5.6 million for libraries but no money to replace an essential bridge? Now maybe you understand my frustration!

  • As mentioned earlier the effect of MURS on the property taxes is 15.99% for each of the next 28 years. This does NOT include Council’s decision to give away $420,000 to the YMCA in Grimsby which will add approximately 0.9% to the property tax base for the next 8 years. This does NOT include the Operating and Capital budgets which averaged 5.06% per year this term. Both of these are compound taxation multiplied against the MURS tax base. Your actual property tax increase will be approximately 21.95% each year for the next 28 years.

  • It is important to note that some of the property tax increase will be offset by growth. Council voted to double the size of the town in the next 20 years and create a large bedroom community. Combine that with the Region adding 3 roundabouts to the town next year, this will destroy the look of our small agricultural based community forever and turn Regional Road 20 from Smithville to Hamilton into the QEW Toronto based congestion. The Mission Statement of the Township reads “ a community that values our heritage, preserves our environment and natural resources “. Our heritage and natural resources are AGRICULTURE! Putting massive subdivisions on prime agricultural land is Not preserving our natural resources. Seems like the Mission Statement was written by a hypocrite.

  • We need a strong voice who has the experience and reputation of standing up to the changing climate of Council

  • Sincerely,

  • Mike Rehner

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