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John Kralt, Lincoln, Regional Councillor

John Kralt

On October 22 I am hoping to become the Regional Councillor for the Town of Lincoln. I expect the without exception, all candidates looking to represent their home towns this term will be promising to “make Regional Council work better”.  I add my voice to that.  Over the many years I have served in our community, I have demonstrated a strong ability to accomplish things, by working together with others.

Good things are being done at the Region. As well positive initiatives are being considered that have the potential to improve life here in Niagara. I am hoping to participate in that work.

A lifelong resident and local business owner and operator in the Town of Lincoln, I have been privileged to participate along with my wife Martha in the Town’s life in a variety of capacities as a volunteer and as an elected official on Town Council.  Through this involvement, I have enjoyed and have gained an appreciation and understanding of our community.  I believe those experiences have given me the ability to effectively assess our needs as a municipality, not only for today but also for the future, including Lincoln’s place in the Niagara Region. Lincoln has been good to me and I have had a chance to give back.

  1. 10 years as a member of Community Care of West Niagara
    1. Currently President Elect
  2. Charter and 20 + year member of the Rotary Club of Lincoln
    1. Past President
    2. Many years as a Director
  3. 12 years on the Lincoln Public Library Board
    1. Board chair for the last 8 years
  4. 4 years as a Director of United Way of St. Catherines and District
    1. 2014 -2018
  5. Elected to Lincoln Town Council in 2006 for 8 years
    1. Served a term as Deputy Mayor
    2. Worked on all of the Town Committees

We live in Lincoln. There are issues that need our attention, one of the most important is how this municipality, adjusts to a rapidly increasing population in a Green Belt Community with fixed urban boundaries.  We will need to consider issues such as:

Transportation, the movement of people and products through and around town and the region. I appreciate that some of the suggestions below may be years away I would like to see us

  1. Support GO Service
  2. Continue to push for a North –South Corridor in West Niagara.
  3. Weigh the costs but also consider potential benefits of Public Transit in West Niagara
  4. Remind the Province of the merits of a Mid-Peninsula Corridor

I am hoping as well, along with our other communities in the West end to examine new needs that may come with the many new residents that are joining us and the delivery of Social Services to address an increasingly varied populace.

The services provided by the Region of Niagara are important and matter to all residents in our community.

Thank you

John Kralt

Candidate, Councillor, Region of Niagara

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