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J.D. Pachereva, Lincoln, Ward 2

JD Pachereva

One of the first actions this Council took after the 2014 election was to create a “Future Focus Work Plan”. This document provided us with strategic direction for the term. The key themes were developed from talking to and with the community during the last campaign and through consultation with key stakeholders. The areas of Roads, Transportation & Traffic, Economic Development, Communication, Cultural Planning and Customer Service became the initiatives that we concentrated on. We need to improve, and we heard that from residents. Overall, in the last 4 years, I believe we have moved this community forward more than at any other time in recent history. I am proud to say that as an organization, we are listening and responding to residents. We are using your ideas to shape our policy, and we are hearing your concerns and addressing them.

For me personally, I have and will continue to always respond to residents’ issues immediately and facilitate an equitable solution to their concerns no matter how big or small.

As a community we are at an integral point in our evolution. We have major transformational projects underway or just completed. Prudhomme’s, GO Transit, ULinc, numerous park redevelopments and new facilities like the Fleming Centre have and will change how residents interact with us in the coming years. I know there will be many more opportunities ahead of us, and so I am asking for your continued support.

I am proud that Angelina Prokich Park will be the first developer-built neighborhood park in the Town of Lincoln. This $1 million-dollar investment followed public engagement and consultation in the Spring/Summer of 2017 that myself and Councilor Brunet facilitated. The most important principle adopted as an imperative in the final design concept was the park will have amenities for all ages.

I have served Lincoln both personally and professionally all my life. I love our Town and want to make it the best it can be.

During this term of Council, we laid the foundation for moving Lincoln forward. We caught up and attracted a lot of attention along the way. We now have Brock University working in the community with us and innovation happening in various sectors. We are working on and developing a parks, recreation and cultural master plan, an economic development strategy and a transportation master plan. These foundational documents will be a blue print for the future.

As our community grows, we continue to engage residents about how we create our public spaces to provide a sense of belonging and a positive space for community development, and sport and recreation to enhance the quality of life in our Town. I hope to be part of the discussion in upgrading Ashby Park so that it too will have amenities for all ages.

I am confident that a lot of great results will materialize during the next term of council. I look forward to helping continue to move this community forward and to serving the residents of Ward 2.

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