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Dave Thompson, Lincoln, Ward 3

Dave Thompson

It’s been my privilege to represent the residents of Ward 3 (Vineland & Jordan) and the Town of Lincoln for the past 8 years.  This term of Council has been like no other.

During this term, Council took on an aggressive and comprehensive agenda called our ‘Future Focus’ strategic plan. This plan laid out key strategic initiatives in the areas of Customer Service, Communications, Economic Development, Cultural Planning, Roads, Transportation & Traffic. These were re-occurring themes heard at residents’ doors during the last election.

Teamwork within Council and furthermore with staff were keys to accomplishments this term.  As a result, I am pleased and proud to share; many of our goals have been successfully completed as put forward in the Future Focus plan. 

The process started with structural changes within the organization to achieve the goal of better serving our residents. The starting point was the hiring of a new CAO, who served as an asset and advisor to Council, but also,worked with staff and the community to be a good leader.  Cultural transformation at the municipality starts with a good, knowledgeable, well led and strong staff. Changes were made to parts of our organization and these were required to move our community forward. We have had to play catch up, and yes – more work remains, but we are on the right path.

Residents were engaged more than ever this term. We hosted multiple Ward 3 Meetings which received overwhelming response and support.

We got back to basics in our service delivery. We focused and made strategic investments in parks, plantings and roads, investing more than we did in the last decade.  We played a bit of catch up, listened to what residents told us and prioritized how and where they wanted money spent.

Moving forward – things are changing around us; new things are on the horizon and we must put the time and effort into assisting and resolving issues residents bring forward in an efficient and timely manner.  

I believe it is Vineland and Jordan’s turn, increased investment and clear focus will be my goal this upcoming term. Recreational amenities and infrastructure must be repaired and upgraded.

Prudhommes needs continued leadership and focus.

We must be efficient and cost conscious but have courage to make the hard decisions. Building on the foundations laid and the strategic investments made, now is not the time to change course.

Lastly, I believe we must continue to honour and respect our past, our history, but at the same time embrace the future and prepare for the changes that are coming and ones that may be thrust upon us.

I am proud of our accomplishments together.

Through teamwork, have we been successful. I hope to continue representing the residents of Ward 3 and will work hard to better Vineland and Jordan and our community as a whole.

Thank you for your support this past 8 years, and especially the last 4. I look forward to working hard for you over this next term.

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