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Dave Sharpe, Grimsby, Ward 4

Dave Sharpe

My name is Dave Sharpe; I’m your candidate for Alderman in Ward 4.

I was born and raised in Grimsby and I live in ward 4 with my wife, Julie, our son and soon to arrive baby. My children are the 5th generation to live in Grimsby and the 3rd generation born at West Lincoln Memorial Hospital. Grimsby is so much more than a bedroom community to me. I went to school here, I played here as a kid, and I worked here as a teenager. I went to Fanshawe College for Engineering Technology Management, then I got married here, we settled down and bought our home here, and I am proud to say I work in Grimsby again. So my roots run deep in my hometown and I truly care about the future of this community.

My passion for local politics started a few years ago when I realized the town I know and love was changing in a direction that I felt was not good for our community, my family, and the people who are proud to call Grimsby home. I have regularly attended council meetings since 2016, and I have closely followed the council’s decisions. I take a special interest in planning and development because of all the growth that has become so common, especially in Ward 4. I read the planning reports and I have studied our official plan, so I have seen the way council has deviated from or made amendments to it to allow developments. As a resident and as a concerned citizen, I have stood up on numerous occasions to maintain the culture and character that makes Grimsby what it is.

In my opinion growth is out of control and the current council can’t or won’t stop developers from overbuilding our neighbourhoods. I feel that resident’s voices are not being heard. Instead it seems as if our concerns and ideas are being overshadowed by the lure of development money and false promises to keep our taxes low. However we are growing more than ever and our taxes continue to climb.

I believe the town is not making responsible decisions for the future. They are not thinking long term, and it’s costing us more than just money. Council needs to make decisions that will help this town prosper while respecting its rich history and small town charm.

My goal, when elected as Alderman for Ward 4, is to be a better voice for the residents. I have heard many concerns that residents have and I want to bring them to the forefront. I want to make positive change on this council and for this town. That means being honest, accountable and transparent in all the decisions we make.

There are 12 days of online voting from Oct 10 to Oct 22, and one day of voting in person on Oct 22 at town hall. Each Ward gets two aldermen. Vote Dave Sharpe for your chance to make a positive change on town council.

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