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Dave Bylsma, West Lincoln, Mayor

Dave Bylsma

Dave has just completed a term as councillor representing Ward 2. He has enjoyed the challenge and was grateful and honoured to be given this mandate from his constituents. However, during his time as a representative Dave also became familiar with provincial guidelines and policies which may greatly affect the future of our municipality. Having sound principles and a clear vision for how our community is shaped, Dave now aspires to represent common sense values for all of West Lincoln’s citizens. He has gained these values through his life experience.

Dave knows about family. He and his wife Sylvia are raising their 9 children on Sixteen Rd, in the village of St. Anns. Dave also has deep roots in the area with all of his grandparents starting dairies locally in the early ’50’s. He even has an uncle among the former Mayors of West Lincoln.

In 2000, Dave started a small door manufacturing business, which has grown and currently has four employees. He can identify with the challenges of expanding a business in the current bureaucratic environment and would love to be able to have his chance to cut red tape. He knows how to manage budgets and how to live within his means.

Dave has a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from McMaster University. He speaks and understands the language of infrastructure. This is a real asset to those who feel that politicians are “out of touch”. Dave is an ideal liaison between public works and the public.

Principled politics are not an abstract concept but a vital reality in Dave’s understanding. “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

It is for these reasons that he feels that he is ‘in touch’ with our community. Will you join him on October 22nd? Please vote for Dave Bylsma for Mayor of West Lincoln.

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