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Albert Witteveen, West Lincoln, Regional Councillor

Albert Witteveen

Back in 2005, when I was on town council I realized the need for the

community to have a second representative at Regional council

understanding the growth and concerns of the citizens here in West

Niagara. At that time we had not reach the population threshold for this

second voice.

The time has come and I feel having been actively involved in the

community most of my life and being engage at the Region in various

committees, I can do an excellent job representing the constituents of West

Lincoln at the Regional Council table.

There are many issues that need to be addressed and planed for in our

community. Some of those key issues are to provide affordable housing to

all demographic groups as we grow into the future. We need to look at long

term infrastructure needs such as roads, bridges, water, sewer,

employment, and a central transit system for best mobility. We need to

share resources throughout the Region as to curb duplication and costs to

the taxpayers.

We must look at reducing poverty in our communities through a

comprehensive strategy within the Region. Much work has been done and

more will be needed.

A key initiative is to bring credibility and transparency back to the Regional

Government and operate under ethical standards. This will in essence

restore confidence to the people of Niagara.

For West Lincoln were are mainly a rural community and have a desire to

retain this identity within the Niagara Region.

Concerns are that our fair share of tax dollars should be reinvested into our

community to sustain its long term needs.

West Lincoln is unique with its long list of home based businesses which

create interesting opportunities and challenges.

We need to cultivate these businesses and create new opportunities in our

designated areas of our community. This will definitely need participation

from our existing businesses to help move this forward into the future.

The pressure for residential growth has been addressed for now as we

have just completed a long range growth plan for the Town of Smithville

where services are available to accommodate the anticipated growth.

As a long time resident here ( 40 yrs) in West Lincoln we have raised two

children in this community and have enjoyed its identity and what it has

offered our family. I would like help shape it for future generations in young

and old alike.

My goal when elected will be to work closely with the West Lincoln town

council to bring our needs and concerns to the Region. It will be important

for us to prioritize the issues that will effect us the most. This will ensure

that long and short needs of the community are met.

With my agriculture background as a business owner I know that good

things come with hard work and perseverance. I am committed to make a

difference in our community.

Albert Witteveen

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