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Main Street Jordan makeover underway

By Joanne McDonald

Old age has taken a toll on some of the majestic trees lining Main Street in Jordan Village and nine were deemed a safety risk and had to come down this week, however, residents are upset a strategy to replace the trees has not already been initiated.

Certified aborist Aurelio Magazzeni was contracted by the Town to do a risk assessment and this week supervised the removal of trees which he said were in poor condition, decaying at the bottom and a safety risk.

Nine trees were cut including sugar maples, horse chestnut and silver maples.

“Safety trumps everything,” said Jordan Village resident Neil Johnston, but he’s disappointed that a new generation of trees is not already taking root.

“We have been losing trees but nothing has been done to replace them,” said Linda Johnston.

“The wonderful old historic nature of the village is severely impacted,” said Lyn Estall, “We are losing nine huge trees all at once.”

Please see newsnow online May 24 for the full article …

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