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Developer acquires two key downtown sites

Project will be “in keeping with our long-time, historic streetscape,” Dave Jarvis

By Mike Williscraft

Two historic downtown Grimsby properties have been sold to a developer planning to build a new residential site in the core.

With 13 Mountain Street and 19 Elm Street in the fold, locations of The Syndicate Restaurant and Different Strokes respectively, developer Valentine Coleman Group has a unique plan for that corner of downtown, says Dave Jarvis of Glen Elgin Real Estate, which represents the developer.

“Anyone who is going to have a reasonable development in that area will incorporate those buildings into any type of redesign,” said Jarvis, when asked if the two properties would be preserved in a new development in the area.

“To lose them would be a tragedy, in my view, as I have a historic interest in the town.

As to the question of height, while he was non-committal due to the very early stages of the project, Jarvis was decisive in noting the design would suit the area.

“On height, I am really not sure at this point. If someone asked me I would say it would be within reason and in keeping with our long-time, historic streetscape of Grimsby,” said Jarvis.

“The one (development) everyone is up in arms about is one that is beyond reason.”

While the two neighbouring properties on Mountain and Elm have been secured, Jarvis said there is consideration for expanding the potential footprint of the project, adding that is part of the reason there is not more detail to provide.

“Any project happening in Grimsby right now is 2-2.5 years away. This one certainly is,” said Jarvis.

“There is interest in that whole block. That’s normal when a project is set for a particular area. The larger the site, you can come up with a better plan.”

As to the look and feel for the development, Jarvis noted that maintaining the historic structures will set the tone for the whole project.

“If incorporating original buildings and improvements of significant buildings if part of the plan, that will control the elevations, setbacks and design,” said Jarvis.

“It will be an attractive streetscape. That is the goal and intent and it will do that. This will be something the community can be proud of. The character and history will be maintained.”

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