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Winston Road reader gives up: moving away

Dear Editor,

Since moving to Grimsby with the thought of retiring here I have always read your editorial.

I read with interest all your comments about the  Grimsby council and the new Winston Road development.

I have been a part of many public meetings over the Waterview apartments, the owner wanting nine stories and now 15.

It got passed but thankfully a resident in the area took it to the OMB. 

She will lose, of course, but so many residents here on Winston Road are not waiting for the decision.

Putting all the density in one area is so unfair to us and the council think making it pretty will be enough to appease the majority of residents.

I read your comments about the Bentley slum and can tell you the majority of people moving out right now are the original ‘happy people’ who bought here to be by the lake – my husband and I included.

I had to laugh when I read Bob Bentley say on speaking to the Ontario Municipal board about Green space that “everything he was saying was falling on deaf ears”.

How does he think we have felt?

Let’s put a tower block beside his and Ald. Nick DiFlavio’s house.

Alas, we have sold our house and will be moving back to Burlington, as seems to be happening we sold to an investor who will rent it out.

So, goodbye Mike. like I say I’ve enjoyed your articles but, as of Aug. 1, I will no longer be here to read your comments.

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