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Grimsby council considers $50K spend for Nelles/Main study

After a lengthy discussion and several about-faces, Grimsby council approved to spend up to $50,000 for a “hospital neighbourhood study” on Monday night.

The issue arose at the Oct. 25 Planning Committee meeting when Michael Seaman, the town’s director of planning, suggested conducting a study would help council.

The area included in the study is Main Street East between Nelles Road and eastern edge of West Lincoln Memorial Hospital’s land.

Seaman explained the study, once in place, would allow council to have more control over how development unfolds in the area.

The motion at committee, which started out with an $80,000 price tag, was whittled down to $50,000 by extracting some components, noted Seaman, but it was still defeated.

At council Monday, several points were jockeyed to create something council would pass.

Seaman noted Niagara Region had just notified the Town that possible 50 per cent grant may be available, so members of council were willing to split costs and spend $25,000.

But Reg Coun. Tony Quirk noted the Town would not likely be eligible for funds if the scaled-back proposal was used since key criteria would be left out.

So a new motion was rejigged a third time recognizing the need for an $80,000 spend with the likely 50 per cent funding from Niagara Region being part of the mix.

With this scenario, council voted to proceed with the proposal capping the town’s contribution to $50,000.

Ald. Dave Kadwell, the only member of council to oppose the motion, noted proceeding to spend that much money in an area with one property to be developed made no sense.

“That area is all established and there is only the one property in that area. I can’t see supporting this,” said Kadwell.

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