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WLMH proposal worthy of time

I went into more detail last week, but just want to note next Thursday’s important meeting at the Grimsby Activity Centre (formerly Grimsby Seniors Centre).

Hamilton Health Sciences’ team will unveil what they proposed future services for West Lincoln Memorial Hospital will be – in their eyes.

This proposal is important for several key reasons, not the least of which is HHS first had to figure out how the Grimsby facility would fit into their own plans and operation at its six member hospitals.

After going through their round of input sessions and internal analysis, they have a plan, so that box can be checked.

Next, Local Health Integration Network approval will be sought for the services proposal. When that is achieved, then the process moves on to seeking a proper capital plan for the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital site to carry out these services.

Hopefully, this is where a new facility could come into play.

As you see, one does not happen without the predecessor, making the March 3 meeting of crucial importance to the future of health care in our community and it is certainly worthy of your time and interest to attend.

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