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Thanks for all the support

Before I go any further, I have to give my hard-working staff a big thank you.

Big week for us this week. With out little staff of four FT equivalents we put out 86 pages of fun this week. That’s the 32-page Lincoln Progress edition on Monday, a 32-page ClubWest Magazine on Tuesday and our 16-page NewsNow offering Wednesday.

I don’t mind telling you, and neither would anyone in the office, that’s a lot but it was all well worth it.

The Lincoln Progress edition enjoys its third year on the scene and really matured this time around. It is only circulated to homes in Lincoln, so other readers will wonder what the heck I’m talking about.

It is a economic-based magazine with updates on several aspects of the municipality’s growth. As well, it has become the place to be for businesses to connect with Lincoln residents through advertorial style stories about their respective businesses. It really has worked well for all involved.

ClubWest, well, it’s ClubWest. I noted in my column in that edition that many wondered how we would come up with all the stories needed to fill a magazine. Absolutely no problem there. The problem truly is deciding which ones to publish and when.

Some are a little more timely than others, but they all feel important in one manner or another, so that can be a tough call.

One thing is certain, It’s interest level by readers has never been higher, so watch for that coming out next week, March 3.

Lastly, this little guy, NewsNow, which just keeps ticking along.

When this paper was launched in May 2012, I thought if we last two years we’ll be fine. I say two because corporates have a tendency to overestimate their importance and power, so there would be a lot of “Don’t worry about that guy, just keep doing your thing”.

When we don’t go away, the discounting starts in an attempt to buy up the market. That is the only real question at that point: can enough of the market be bought by dropping rates to cut off the oxygen supply to any start-up? This was not invented just for me. It is more of a formula.

Well, we see how that worked. We still slugging away while the corporate has been making cuts left and right for many months.

We are two short months from our fourth anniversary and we still have a lot in the tank, so this crazy ride continues. In fact, the tank is starting to fill, which is nice.

Thanks for all the support, both from readers and advertisers and please keep it coming.

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