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Project zero to help reduce fire and carbon monoxide deaths via Project Zero

In Photo: (L to R) Deputy Chief Bill Thomson; Scott Campbell – Grimsby Fire Prevention Inspector; Doug Henderson – Grimsby Fire Prevention Inspector; Dave Baxter – Manager of Customer Safety and Compliance at Enbridge; Ald. Steve Berry; Fire Chief Mike Cain; Ald. Nick DiFlavio; Mayor Bob Bentley; Ald. Dave Wilson. Ald. Dave Kadwell; Richard Craibbe – Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council, and; Ald. John Dunstall. Back: Ald. Joanne Johnston, Ald. Michelle Seaborn, Ald. Carolyn Mullins


Monday, Enbridge Gas Distribution, the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council and the Grimsby Fire Department announced they are partnering to improve home safety and bring fire and carbon monoxide- related deaths down to zero.

The Grimsby Fire Department received 198 combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms through Project Zero – a public education campaign that is providing 3,330 alarms to residents in 15 municipalities in Ontario. This year, Enbridge invested $100,000 in Project Zero.
“With the new law making carbon monoxide alarms mandatory in all Ontario homes and residential buildings with a fuel burning appliance, fireplace or an attached garage, Enbridge is ever more committed to safety and assisting communities to comply with the new law to help prevent deaths due to carbon monoxide exposure,” said Dave Baxter, Manager of Customer Safety and Compliance at Enbridge Gas Distribution. “This partnership will help educate customers about the importance of installing a combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm as well as properly maintaining fuel-burning equipment.”

Since 2009, Project Zero has been launched in 79 Ontario communities.

“Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are critical life safety devices. They detect the presence of smoke and deadly gas and provide those precious seconds for occupants to escape. Everyone needs to have them in their homes,” said Ted Wieclawek, Ontario Fire Marshal, Chief of Emergency Management and Chair of the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council.

“Grimsby Fire Department is very proud of our ongoing working relationship with Enbridge and very excited to be selected to participate in Project Zero this year. In the same way a smoke alarm provides very early indication of a fire condition, a carbon monoxide alarm alerts families of the presence of this silent killer. By now, I trust that everyone is aware that having working CO alarms is the law. There are 3 lines of defense for fire + carbon monoxide safety: Public Education, Enforcement and Emergency Response. Through the generosity of Enbridge, Project Zero provides an outstanding Public Education program focused on raising local awareness about the dangers of carbon monoxide, and making Grimsby safer by adding 198 more units into our community,” says Fire Chief Mike Cain.

“On behalf of Grimsby Town Council and our residents, I would like to congratulate and thank Enbridge Gas, the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council and our dedicated Grimsby Fire Service for this tremendous partnership providing equipment that ensures the safety of our most vulnerable citizens. The donation of equipment along with the educational component aligns and compliments the strategy of our Grimsby Fire Prevention Officers and will provide another tool to keep our residents safe,” says Mayor Bob Bentley.

A new law amended the Ontario Fire Code in October 2014 to ensure that every home and residential building with a fuel burning appliance, fireplace or an attached garage must have a working carbon monoxide alarm outside all sleeping areas. Compliance is required by April 2015 for residential buildings with six or less suites and October 2015 for multi-residential buildings with more than six suites. As a continuous champion of safety, Enbridge welcomes this new law and is proud to support Project Zero and public education efforts with the Ontario Fire Marshal.

When properly installed and maintained, combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms help provide the early warning that is needed to safely escape from a house fire or carbon monoxide exposure.

Carbon monoxide is a toxic, odourless gas that is a by-product of incomplete combustion of many types of common fuels. It is important that all fuel-burning equipment be properly maintained to prevent carbon monoxide buildup. Carbon monoxide alarms are recommended as a second line of defense to protect against the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

About the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council

The Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council (Council) is a registered charity established in 1993 with a mission to help create “a world where no one is hurt by fire.” The Council, chaired by the Ontario Fire Marshal and supported by the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management, operates at arm’s length from the government and promotes fire prevention and public education through sponsorships and partnerships with various groups and individuals with an interest in public safety.

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