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Mike’s rant

So I’m driving to Beamsville this afternoon after a couple of long chats in Smithville hearing about truck traffic traffic in the core there; new curbs poured for the Griffin Street intersection.

People already saying the new corner will not be good for trucks making right-hand turns. Lots of questions about ongoing shenanigans at West Lincoln council and my editorial today noting Niagara Region hiding behind the skirt of safety motherhood issue with its removal of on-streetparking spaces.

As noted in the paper, no problem with safety measures. No problem with preventative medicine. Implementing features like the planned roundabouts at east and west end of Smithville a great idea to calm or even deter truck traffic.

But why has the truck traffic issue in Beamsville been ignored for decades?

This accident today was at 30 Road. A witness said the driver came down the hill and either was going to fast to stop or had brake issues…either way, the dump truck rolled when attempting to bank right.

The driver was taken away by ambulance. No other vehicles involved. Thank God!

This could EASILY have been at Mountain and King, easily.

In Beamsville traffic spaces were removed years ago on King in the core NOT for safety BUT TO ALLOW trucks to more easily make left hand turns and proceed through the heart of town.

How ridiculous is that?

Very happy for Smithville if the changes make the community safer as purported, but the communication and planning of the on-street parking matter has been botched beyond belief.

As well, council seems to just be making things up on the fly.

Smithville loses parking spaces to improve safety.

Beamsville loses spaces to improve truck traffic flow.

Residents of Lincoln should not stand for it.

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