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Grimsby biodigester percolating along

By Mike Williscraft

With an expected construction start just a few months away, Grimsby Energy officials are looking to secure a huge chunk of funding for its proposed biodigester.

The facility, to be built on Park Road, near Sobie Road, will have a price tag of about $4 million, says Grimsby Energy chairmman James Detenbeck.

The utility informed Grimsby Town Council it had been accepted by the Small Community Fund – a joint federal/provincial grant program – to proceed to the second level of application. This fund could provide as much as three-quarters of the construction cost, said Detenbeck.

While he was uncertain as to when any funding might be confirmed, he was confident in the results which the biodigester would generate.

“By selling energy produced, we project $30
million in revenue over the 25-year life of the contract with the Ontario Power Authority, roughly $750,000 per year would come back to the Town,” said

He said agreements are in place to provide all the raw materials – pumous, manure and silage – which will generate the energy, and break down into high quality fertilizer which will go back onto farmers’ fields. It may be sold at some point, to raise more revenue, but that would have to be approved separately by the province. The site is to be operational this fall.

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