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Grimsby Receives $1 Million Grant for Waterfront Trail

Press release from the Town of Grimsby

The Town of Grimsby has received $1 million grant from from Niagara Region for implementation of the the town’s West End Waterfront Trail plan.

The grant was awarded through the Niagara Region Lakefront Enhancement Grant Program and will assist the Town in building 2.8 kms of bicycle, walking and nature trail along and near the lakefront in the west end.

“The ‘West-End Waterfront Trail’ will be a tremendous recreational amenity for all residents of Grimsby, the Niagara Region and the traveling public, ensuring public access to Grimsby’s beautiful waterfront for generations to come,” said Grimsby Mayor Bob Bentley.

“We thank the Niagara Region staff and the MAG waterfront sub-committee for recognizing the extensive collaborative effort that went into this comprehensive and exciting waterfront plan.”
The plan for the West-End Waterfront trail was approved by council in April 2014 after extensive public consultation and involvement from the community.

The plan includes a continuous hiking and biking trail, access to three lakefront beaches and a nature trail to the Biggar Lagoons, where a tower will be built for bird watching enthusiasts.

“By awarding of $1 million from the Lakefront Enhancement Grant program, the Region was clearly impressed by the quality Grimsby’s plans for its west end waterfront. The Grimsby West End Waterfront Plan is an excellent plan, developed by the community for the community, which will create a significant recreational destination for the residents of the Town of Grimsby and Niagara.” said Reg. Coun. Debbie Zimmerman.

In addition to the waterfront trail, the regional waterfront funding will also be applied to emergency shoreline protection works at the Casablanca interchange.

It is anticipated that the 2.8-km stretch of trail would be completed with funding from the Regional Waterfront Grant, development charges and land-development requirements in the vicinity by the summer of 2016.

Further extensions of the trail to its ultimate 3.6-km length are to be completed as lands develop in the future.

For more information about the Grimsby West End Waterfront Plan, please visit

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