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More accolades for Purdy’s Engagement at the Forty

As a very young Brian Purdy worked sweeping floors at CBC back in 1956, he was also keeping an eye on the televised action all around him.

And he was immediately hooked.

“You mean I can get paid to do that? It was just so much fun,” says Purdy today.

Flash forward more than five decades over what has been an illustrious career and Purdy continues to rack up awards for his work in videography. His latest, award numbers 94 and 95, came just this week for the owner of MEDIAIMAGE Communications.

“I’m going for 100,” Purdy says with a smile.

His latest honour, which he considers a “feather in Grimsby’s cap” not just his own, came from the 18th International

Videographer Awards. Purdy’s company was awarded two creative awards in the 2014 competition for Grimsby’s “Engagement at the Forty”, Grimsby’s War of 1812 – 200th anniversary reenactment event, staged at Grimsby’s War of 1812 Peace Garden on June 8, 2013.

Purdy received the Award of Excellence, a first-place finish, in the Special Event category and he earned an Award of Distinction, a second-place finish in the videography category.

There were more than 1,500 entries from 12 countries.

The video had already earned a Platinum Award at the 20th International HERMES Creative Awards back in May of this year.

Purdy’s next goal is to have the video added to the collection at the Library of Congress.

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