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Two years and counting …

In business, as in life, one must adapt or die.

So, here we are…adapting.

With May 4 being our true anniversary date, adjusting the overall size of NewsNow’s page has been under consideration for some time.

Now at the two-year mark, the time has come for NewsNow to kick off its training wheels and really start to move. Considering we are only at the point in time where the original business plan would have called for starting as a weekly, the paper is light years ahead of its planned development.

As part of this development, we are launching a concerted push with our digital programming as well.

It is certainly not that online content was ever disregarded, but without the healthy beating heart of the print product, even a great a website would still prove ineffective.

Starting this week, those of the digital age will see much more content being driven via our website, @MikesNiagara Twitter account and our facebook page.

Advertisers will all have their ads uploaded onto our website as part of our downloadable e-edition, with the added option of having a hyperlink built in to kick readers directly to their own website for more information on their products or services.

These features, combined with the bolstered content will drive our online presence into the foreseeable future and are things we simply were not prepared to offer before given the intense growth we have experienced in our short existence.

While NewsNow is still wet behind the ears, our team is experienced and ready to serve with our least tenured employee having nine years in the print industry.

Whether it is because of our clean, crisp design; larger paper size; large bright font; the largest distribution in Niagara West by a wide margin at 25,000-plus; our cover-to-cover, 100 per cent West Niagara content, or; the fact our front page is our front page, we greatly appreciate the loyal support NewsNow has received.


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