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Grimsby’s waterfront plan taking shape

Grimsby’s waterfront makeover is beginning to take shape, thanks to helpful input from the public.

The town’s consultant Ute Maya-Giambattista presented a draft of the preferred plan outline to council members on Monday evening.

Residents have provided a lot of feedback and suggestions for what they want to see at the waterfront trail.

Residents have indicated that they like the idea of building a trail that supports cycling, biking, running, roller blading, and walking that is universally accessible and can be enjoyed year round.

Participants would like to see the trail built of a strong resistant material such as asphalt or a material that can handle high traffic and is environmentally friendly.

Residents have indicated that they would like to see environmentally friendly boardwalks for potential nature trail areas (not for the main trail).

Residents have differing opinions on the overall trail width, but four to six metres was a consistent width.

The idea of a bandshell was well-received, however some concerns were raised on noise control, parking, and the need to acquire further land, and vandlism.

There is still time to submit your input before the plan is completed.

“The next steps are an open house on January 29. After that we will work on providing the final report, which should be completed by the end of March,” said Maya-Giambattista.

The open house will include a series of recommendations, including trail design and community development.

Jan. 29 will be the last public meeting. It will not be a workshop like the previous meetings, it will be a presentation and a wrap up of the plan. Nothing will be set in stone, there will be room for changes and the plan can always be updated along the way.

Following the open house will be a presentation to council the end of February.

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